Prepare For Your First Lesson

If you haven't already done so, please fill out the New Student Form, then email "" to schedule your lesson.

Whether your lesson is in-person or via Skype, please have a quiet space set up where you can learn without distractions.

Before your first lesson, please prepare two songs (preferably well-known covers) to sing with tracks.  Please have a  way to play the tracks at a comfortable singing level (boombox, CD player, entertainment system, computer, etc).  If you need tracks, search on iTunes for the name of the song and add "karaoke", "track", or "instrumental" to the search query.  You can also find tracks on YouTube for free.

Feel free to warm up vocally before the lesson if you've been taught how to do so - I will teach you some new warm ups at the beginning of the lesson.  If you don't know how to warm up, that is okay too - we will spend  little extra time on that at the beginning.

If your lesson is via Skype, we will email you further instructions before your first lesson on how to connect to the Skype call and tips on how to make sure the video/audio comes in loud and clear :)

Email ""