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World Pride Madrid 2017

Maspalomas Gay Pride 2018

Highlight Reel from EuroPride 2018 (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Happy (Band Performance)

Shallow (Acoustic Performance)

Aerial Silks

Norwood is a trained aerialist who can sing LIVE while performing aerial stunts! Watch the below video for a sample of his skills from the music video of his original song “Gravity”.

upcoming shows


Diamond Nights (Hamburg): JUNE 21, 2019 (Germany)


AIDA Cruise (Indonesia & Australia): December 1 - 22, 2019

AIDA Cruise (Caribbean): December 26 2019 - January 9 2020

More 2019 European Dates Coming Soon!



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Norwood is one of the hottest emerging American Pop artists in the world and can be found rockin’ venues that have a knack for discovering great talent. This multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician, aerialist, dancer and actor is often compared to Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, and David Bowie.  Although only 28 years old, his resume, phenomenal voice and stage presence are mature well beyond his years.


I Ain’t Got You - This is the most personal song that Norwood has written to date. Due to his sexual orientation, he has been disowned by his family. This song is an open letter to his parents speaking of the pain he suffered as a closeted gay youth and journey to his self-acceptance. He hopes the empowering message of self-love will help other people going through similar struggles. This song was produced in London and has been very successful in the US market and has received international airplay.

Flame - Produced by legendary producer and Songwriter Hall of Fame Inductee, Steve Dorff. This moody rock-influenced pop track explores the strong power of attraction between two people. It has been very successful in the United States with radio airplay in major markets.

Nightlife (Euro House Remix) - Remixed by famed Madrid-based DJ Thiago Oliveira, Nightlife was first recorded and produced by legendary songwriter/producer Steve Dorff in Los Angeles. It had long been Dorff’s dream to reinvent this iconic disco hit for a modern audience.


“Music was always an escape for me, even as a kid. I grew up in a very controlled, conservative environment but I still knew that I was different (even before I had the vocabulary to describe that feeling). So music was always the way that I broke free of boundaries and pretended to be someone else. When I realized I was gay, music helped me through years of self-hatred and being in the closet, and when my family didn’t accept me for who I was, I turned to music yet again to express myself.

Now my goal is to turn my ‘mess into my message’ by being the out, gay artist that I wish I could have seen on TV growing up. I want to empower young people (gay and straight) to be themselves and to love themselves just as they are. I want to show them that they can and should follow their dreams. I want to help break down boundaries in society and promote acceptance and inclusivity. My main mission is to help homeless LGBTQ+ youth around the world, and I’ve started by partnering with organizations like The Trevor Project and Lost-n-Found Youth to raise awareness about the struggles they face every day.” - Norwood

European Live Performances

  • Maspalomas Gay Pride 2019 (Spain)
    Headliner (Estimated crowd: 200k)

  • PaderPride 2019 (Germany)
    Headliner (Estimated crowd: 5k)

    • Tour de Fierce 2018 (Europe)
      Four-month, five-country European Tour

      • EuroPride 2018 (Gothenburg, Sweden)
        Featured Performer (Estimated crowd: 20k)

      • Hamburg Pride 2018 (Germany)
        Featured Performer (Estimated crowd: 20k)

      • Stockport Pride 2018 (England)
        Headliner (Estimated crowd: 5k)

      • Bergamo Pride 2018 (Italy)
        Headliner (Estimated crowd: 10k)

      • Maspalomas Gay Pride 2018 (Spain)
        Featured Performer (Estimated crowd: 200k)

  • World Pride Madrid 2017 (Spain)
    Headliner (Estimated crowd: 3 million)

  • Gay Freedom Festival 2017 (Maspalomas, Spain)
    Featured Performer (Estimated crowd: 20k)

  • Swindon-Wiltshire Pride 2017 (England)
    Featured Performer (Estimated crowd: 10k)

  • Barrel and Horn (London, England)
    Acoustic Performance (Estimated crowd: 500)